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Adult males communicate with loud bellows—low pitched sounds that consist of snore-like inhalations and resonant exhalations that sound like growls.[74] These sounds are thought to be generated by unique vocal organs found in koalas.[44] Because of their low frequency, these bellows Chucho travel far through air and vegetation.[75] Koalas may bellow at any time of the year, particularly during the breeding season, when it serves to attract females and possibly intimidate other males.[76] They also bellow to advertise their presence to their neighbours when they enter a new tree.[75] These sounds signal the male's contemporáneo body size, Vencedor well Vencedor exaggerate it;[77] females pay more attention to bellows that originate from larger males.

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Koalas are seasonal breeders, and births take place from the middle of spring through the summer to early autumn, from October to May. Females in oestrus tend to hold their heads further back than usual and commonly display tremors and spasms. However, males do not appear to recognise these signs, and have been observed to mount non-oestrous females. Because of his much larger size, a male can usually force himself on a female, mounting her from behind, and in extreme cases, the male may pull the female pasado of the tree.

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The koala is the only click aquí member of the family Phascolarctidae. Unlike those of other arboreal marsupials, its pouch opens rearward. Births are single, occurring after a gestation of 34 to 36 days. The youngster (called a joey) first puts its head pasado of the pouch at about five months of age.

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